by John Borg
(victoria ,gozo,malta)


I am not a fast wrter or a very good one so i am going to keep it short.

I am 42 have osteoporosis and I noticed that every time I start taking cslcuim pills ( osteocare ) I get conctepated
and even bones become more painfull. since I was kid I never ate any fruit or veg I really hate them I hate them so much that if I am eating a pizza and some one next to me is eating a banana I will have to leave because my apitiat will go away.

use to drink alcahol and smoke every day not just one shot. diary products I ate every day.

so this conferms you are 100% right about the greens and fruits

Lately I am trying to add fruit in my diet by using a liquidizer and drinking the fruit but about the greens I only very little and never fresh INEED TO WORK ON THIS if you have any tips it will help.

I am think of taking a shot of aclast(zoledronic acid or prolia ( denosumab )do you anything which one is best?

your writing made gave me more courage to try and eat veg and fruit ,I might be to late but i will try.

best regards
John Borg

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May 25, 2013
Re : amazing
by: Chris (Moderator)

Hi John,

Osteoporosis is a whole different subject. We know today for a fact that a lack of calcium is not the culprit. Calcium is everywhere, included in the grain and cheese of your pizza.

Calcium needs to be absorbed and metabolized well, and more importantly be used by our bones. To do this job well, we need a good amount of vitamin D3 and vitamin K2, and most of us are defficient in those vitamins today.

To consume a good amount of veggies and fruits per day, consider soups or smoothies. In your smoothy, you can include lots of greens (spinach, celery, carrots, etc) and some fruits to make this sweet and palatable.

There is a lot of misinformation out there today. Hard to see clear, unless you spend days researching those particular topics (which I have to do for my job, and even so, I also get confused by contradicting medical advices).

Good luck !


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