Constipation cured

by Julie elliott

I am 61 years of age, female. ALL my life I have been constipated, I remember as a small child going to the doctors and being given a red drink full of fibre to mix with water, a forerunner to Fybrogel.undrinkable. I have suffered with piles, have had colonic irrigation to try and help, nothing worked. The doctors were useless. My husband, who has always drunk black tea asked me to try it. I have always refused scared at my age to not drink milk for my bones. For some unknown reason I tried it. That was about six months ago, I have not looked back since, I go sometimes twice a day, my stools are no longer solid, I do not have to strain. I told the doctor at the hospital, and he said that milk intolerance causes diarrhoea not constipation, he refused to look into it any further, and said if I was no longer constipated that is a good thing, so don't worry about. I am cross that at this age the medical profession could not help me sooner, and what about all the other sufferers this information could help.

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Apr 13, 2014
black tea
by: cindy

Lucky!!I can't drink any caffiene at all.I can't try black tea sadly. I can't consume dairy either which is not a a prob for me since it breaks bones and full of nasty poisons.

Apr 10, 2013
Re : Constipation cured
by: Chris (Moderator)

Thank you Julie. The medical profession unfortunately does not keep up to date with research related to food intolerances. For them, nutrition is a distraction, not really part of the remedies we can use. A shame. I am glad you posted this comment, thank you, you can attest to the validity of the nutritional approach.

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