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Keeping in touch with the latest constipation news is not an easy task. I know, I have been doing this for a while!

Here is what's happening on a daily basis around the world:

  • Universities and research centers publish new findings that could change the way constipation is treated;
  • Medical websites release new guidelines on how to best handle this condition;
  • Medicinal plants and other natural remedies are being re-introduced in our lives, with naturopathic practitioners like myself sharing their experience accompanying individuals;
  • Sufferers around the world share their personal constipation experience, along with their own tips and tricks on how to keep constipation at bay.

How can you keep the pulse of all of this?

You relax, and you allow me to do this work for you. Everyday, I scan the internet to make sure nothing of importance slips through the cracks. I also work with sufferers in my naturopathic clinic, and share my success stories and holistic strategies with you.

Every months, I send you the newsletter with the latest highlights that you can read at your own leisure. You can subscribe to the newsletter by using the form below.

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