by Staycie

Well i just wanna say that over 4 yrs ago i was diagnosed. With chronic constipation n i have been reading about this olive. Oil. Being proven to help . So i am wondering will this work for me as well.. n how many times do u believe i should be taking this .. because i have tried everything from miralax to laxatives to enamas n more.. i am running of ideas to help me n lots of fiber n i still till this day cannot go n if i do its maybe once a week if that.. n im uncomfortable. Straining. All the time n hemmoroid mild disease they said ..n doc just says same thing everytime n he isnt listening n or jist gives up on me.. so what would u recommend? ? Im at my wits end at this point ...

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Jun 13, 2014
Re : Constipation
by: Chris (Moderator)

You should try the protocol as outlined on the page, everyday, I give all the details to try it out. If this does not work, try something else like magnesium to bowel tolerance, or triphala, or other tools. Good luck !

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