Dealing with Constipation-fecat impaction

by Anita Alphin-patient
(Virginia Beach)

What damage does it do within the body if the fecal material has been within the body for an extended amount of time?
I have daily regualar BMs but was so IMPACTED after recent surgery.
My sides had been extended for years and the upper stomach area.
Had a hog enema and even more had been in me which surprised me that one person could contain that much poop.
I had felt muscle and bone weakness along with bloating and feeling full during meals quickly...
My body felt heavy on the left side where getting up and down was noticed.

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Jun 13, 2014
Re : Dealing with Constipation-fecal impaction
by: Chris (Moderator)

Hi Anita. The damage is usually done to the colonic mucosa. The more the impaction stays, the more the get gets stretched out of proportions, leading sometimes to a condition called megacolon. Sometimes there is no damage at all. Hard to answer the question specifically for you though.

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