Dried Apricots are surprisingly Effective

by Debra

I really appreciate your description of the science behind how prunes/prune juice effect the colon. I unfortunately have not had good results with them although I have not taken them at meal times but in between meals (because I usually don't eat fruit with protein or vegetables). Do you think it is important to have them with meals for prunes to be effective? I, however, have been surprised at how effective dried apricots (unsulfered) are. Initially, I tried them along with prunes (2 of each) but then simply 2 or 3 dried apricots would do the trick. They would have an effect a few hours later or the next morning. But I also have the experience that they help in less than an hour which confuses me as this seems to be before they are digested and have reached the colon. I have not been able to find information about this. Could you write a similar article that articulates the science behind how dried apricots act on the body. Thank you!

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Oct 29, 2013
Re : Dried Apricots are surprisingly Effective
by: Chris (Moderator)

Thanks for your comment. They actually both work the same way, through their fiber and sugar content. Usually, dried apricots are less effective than prunes, which makes them good for moderate cases of constipation. You can also cook them slowly, eat the apricots and drink the cooking water, which has a nice fruity taste.

But for you, it seems to work differently, which is not unusual when it comes to nutrition and plants. We all have different triggers, and different plants act differently depending on the person.

Thanks again for your feedback, I will indeed have to add apricots to the list of remedies one of these days !

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