good gastroparesis information!

by Gina
(Jasper, AL)

I have been sick for many years and really didn't have a good diagnosis! The first diagnosis was lactose intolerance then IBS then IBS! After awhile things began to worsen and went back to the doctor and then another diagnosis of GERDS! Then a few more years went buy started bloating and severe bloating and Nausea set in seriously and nothing I did helped so off to the doctor I went and the the dreaded EGD confirmed the Gp in 2009 and I haven't been the same since! I' have tried several medications To find the might help for a couple Of days any back to miserable again sometimes just being nauseated or constipated or both! I try not to let it get to though but when the pain starts that does get to me! Hope someday a miracle treatment will be found for everyone who suffers!!!

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