Prunes are the MVP for regularity

by JOE

I was advised by two doctors to eat more fiber. One said consume more metamucil. That didn't help much. The other said consume more natural fiber. As I experimented with different kinds of fiber, I found that 6 dried prunes, eaten as is, helped the most along with eating an apple a day and some high fiber whole grain cereal with ground up flax seeds sprinkled on it. Haven't had any regularity issues in the past few months.

Going away for a few days? Make sure you take a bag of dried prunes. Easy to get through the screeners at the airport. If you can't get the other fiber rich food, double your consumption of prunes.

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Feb 14, 2013
Thanks for sharing
by: Chris (Moderator)

Thanks for sharing Joe. I could not agree more regarding "natural fibers" vs. metamucil. I (finally) posted my thoughts on fibers supplements here :
The great fiber myth

Lots of push from the industry, when there is a simple and cheap alternative. Fortunately for us, you can't patent prunes!

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